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Diamond Wire Tension

This information first appeared as a post on the Formula 16 High Performance forum.

Thanks Kirt.

This is a post in response to a private E-mail I received concerning the "proper way" to change the diamond wire tension on the Taipan 4.9. I thought it might be of interest to more of you Taipan "newbies" who were used to tightening Hobie/Nacra/Prindle diamond wires-

First off - do NOT tighten (or loosen even) the diamond wires under tension (ie on the spreaders).

Remove your mast from the boat and lay it down with the sail track up (preferably not in the sand or dirt). Remove tape from around the end of the spreaders (You DID have them taped up, right?), if you have the fibreglass spreader arms that is all you have to do, if you have the Proctor adjustable arms you need to use a small blade screwdriver now to loosen the screw in the end of the spreader arms so you can rotate the little plastic "cap" on the end of the arms so the diamond wire will come out of the arms.

Now, sit down facing your mast straddling the spreader, barefoot or with soft sole (clean or you can scratch your mast) shoes on, place one foot on the mast each side of the spreader, grasp the diamond wire with one hand on each side of the spreader, using your legs and back pull the diamond wire out of the spreader and gently relax the tension. The first side you release is tough, the other side is very easy.

Now- adjust the nuts on the bottom of the diamond wire- adjust evenly (ie count number of turns and keep even- unless your mast was "crooked" and bent to one side before you started all this!), lock nuts together, and reverse above process to get wires back in place.

If you are adjusting based on tension- measure the tension before you retighten the small end caps.

Also best to adjust spreaders with tension off.

Kirt Simmons

Taipan #159, "A" cat US 48