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Taipan Builders and Suppliers

Taipan Catamarans are once again Australian Made

In order to save money on your new boat, we’d recommend you talk to active Taipan sailors at your local club, as many will have the necessary skills to help you assemble your new boat.

Primary Suppliers*

Taipan 4.9Hulls, Dagger Boards, Rudders, StocksSouthern Shipwrights0412977371
Taipan 5.7HullsBrendon Casebrendonxr6@outlook.com
TaipanMast, Rigging, Beams, Platform AssemblyGoodall Design 03 5443 6910
TaipanMast, Rigging, Beams, Platform Assembly, Coaching, TuningSend It Marine (Goodall Suppliers NSW, Nathan Van Kerckhof) 0408 462580

*It is possible to buy a complete new boat by ordering the hulls and foils from either JK Fibreglass or Brendon Case and arranging for them to be delivered directly to Goodall Design, who for a small fee will fit all the necessary components to your race ready specification.

Components and Fittings
Primary Suppliers shown in Bold


Alegaytor Sails
Ashby Design Sails by North - Sam Haines 0403 294 228
Brewin Sailsbrewinsails@westnet.com.au
Goodall Design03 5443 6910
Landenberger Sails


Goodall Design03 5443 6910
Graeme “Bags” Harbour0419 537 410

Rudders and Stocks

Australian Fibreglass03 9792 1227
Formula Sailcraft
JK Fibreglass 0402 456 743
Mark Thorpe Boats 0411 247 349

Other Items

Seldom adjustable SpreadersBinks Marine
Foam Sandwhich Battens Fiberfoam
Plans for Wooden Boats Goodall Design03 5443 6910

Coming Soon Wire and Rope Rigging Cut Lengths