Taipan Catamaran Association of Australia
Video Clips

Name Class Month Year YouTube
Taipan 4.9 at Meningie, December 20174.9 Sloop122017Go
An Uncommon Mark - Surprise gusts. 4.9 Cat62017Go
Sugarloaf - Season Best Tea Bag4.9 Cat42017Go
Campbell Park race at Meningie 4.9 Sloop22017Go
Goolwa to Milang 2016 on Tim's Taipan5.722016Go
Ship without a Rudder - Sugarloaf4.9 Cat22015Go
First Day SA Taipan State Titles Meningie 4.9 Sloop22015Go
Australia Day sail 4.9 Sloop12015Go
June26 Nemenii and Winter is Coming4.9 Cat82014Go
July26 Game of Taipans - Sugarloaf4.9 Cat72014Go
Danielle, Sailor Girl - Cowes4.9 Cat72014Go
Sugarloaf Start4.9 Cat62014Go
Sugarloaf ShakeNBake Duel4.9 Cat52014Go
The Blooper - Sugarloaf4.9 Cat52014Go
Sibling Rivalry - Sugarloaf4.9 Cat52014Go
Lake Bonney Yacht Club Regatta 2013 4.9 Sloop22014Go
Bill on his Taipan at Sugarloaf4.9 Cat102013Go
Shooter Racing5.7112012Go
Those Tricky Sugarloaf Puffs4.9 Cat12012Go
Portland Wind and Waves4.9 Cat12012Go
The Sugarloaf Reach4.9 Cat12012Go
Sugarloaf Start4.9 Cat62007Go