Taipan Catamaran Association of Australia

Official Measurement of Boat Weight at National Championships

1. Scale Use and Care

The scales comprise: No items are waterproof. So the instrument should not be stored or used where any component can become wet. The connectors at the end of the steel load bearing beams are particularly vulnerable because of small signal voltages. So measurements performed on wet grass, does not only lead to possible inaccuracies but will also damage the connectors. A level, hard standing is recommended as a base for accurate measurement.

An annual check to ensure the connectors are free of corrosion and dirt and an annual comparison with a reliable, trusted set of scales is recommended.

2. Simple Operation Procedure

The Budgie Series Indicator does not appear to have as many functions as the front panel would suggest. So the operation is simplified to the following:

3. Accuracy and Measurement Tolerance

As with all measurements there is a degree of uncertainty. This should be recognised as a measurement tolerance. If for example, the system has a measurement tolerance of plus and minus 0.2% and the boat lower weight limit is 100kg, a boat weighing 99.8kg on these scales should be considered to be within specification. One component of measurement uncertainty is the digital display's resolution. The Budgie Indicator's resolution is 0.2 kg (or indeed 0.2% at 100kg). It may be possible to set the indicator to a greater resolution but this may well be pointless if the rest of the system is incapable of greater accuracy. So all mesurements need to be made with a tolerance of at least plus and minus 0.2kg.

4. Calibration Check

The scales have been checked as follows:
5 Pin DIN plug and sockets replaced
14/1/2015Sugarloaf52.4<0.2Cable terminations repaired
15/1/2014Sugarloaf52.4<0.2Cable terminations repaired
23/12/2009Factory  Label unclear. Could be 2004

5. Operations Manual

We do not have an original operations manual for the ' Budgie' Series Indicator. The nearest is the 'Platypus' series indicator which appears to be a model with many more features.
Platypus Series Indicator19/12/2016